May the voices of America anointed

will confront in fully unity

integrating their molten hands

within a framework of honor and friendship


May the younger be always conscious

give their effort with full intention

to defeat flawlessly all the odds

on the podium show themselves champions


May the Panamerican flame

lighten up the stadium with clamour

and lead the brave athletes

in delivery caste and honor


Millennary the invincible flame

which my ancestor forged to the fifth sun

lightens up the same to the expired

as to the pride of the great winner


Being the Panamerican Games

a gathering of total surrender

where man releases his strength

always seeking for the gold metal


Go on!, my America united

may the world listen to your voice

with Panamerican pride

for the people with soul and honor


May the PASO lead us to the way

and sport gives us the thuth

of the iron like, invincible spirit

together with fraternity.


Autor: Miguel Angel González Alfaro






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