1. - in 1981 the International Olympic Committee integrates the Commission of Olympic Solidarity with an appropriate balance in its composition, among the representatives of the IOC and of the CON´s. The President of the IOC acts as president of the Commission and the President of ACNO like his Vice-president.

2. - starting from the Olympic Games of the Ángel 1984, the increment of the revenues generated by the television rights, made possible the step in a way of general grant to a structure of administration of the revenues, according to the established distribution parameters for the International Olympic Committee.

3. - the Commission, in correspondence with its functions and competitions has administrative autonomy. Their President believes the organic structure to develop the activities that have been conferred. In 1982 the Director of Olympic Solidarity is named with character of honorary and, starting from 1983, on time complete with all the inherent attributions to a responsibility of so much span.

4. - the systematic work of the Commission, together to the increment of the funds coming from the commercialization of the Olympic Games, they have allowed to attack important programs of help to the CON´s until arriving to the last stage in the one that, by means of quadrennial plans, based on World and Continental Programs he/she makes sure, with justice and rationality, the participation of the 202 Olympic Committees of the world in the benefits that he/she offers International Olympic Solidarity.

5. - to proposal of the President of ACNO, Mario Vázquez Raña and with the approval of the President of the International Olympic Committee, Juan Antonio Samaranch, starting from the year 2001, the process of decentralization of funds began toward the Continental Associations whose objective has been to bring near, every time, the taking of decisions on the use of the financial resources to where it exists the necessity and the time to facilitate a more specific and more high-priority attention to the necessities peculiar of the CON´s and of the Continental Associations.

6. - in July of the year 2001 are elect President of the International Olympic Committee the Dr. Jacques Rogge who, like it is known, he/she acted during several years like leader of ACNO demonstrating great knowledge and domain on the work of the Organization, as well as, of the interests and necessities of the CON´s.

The new President of the IOC makes the decision of strengthening the work of the Commission and it reaffirms the will of continuing the political decentralization and of administration of Olympic Solidarity through the Continental Associations and of ACNO. For it:

President of the Commission of Olympic Solidarity names of the one


International Olympic committee to the President of the Association of

National Olympic committees

The Commission is restructured, being integrated by 15 members, in the fundamental representatives of the Continental Associations, of ACNO and of the athletes.

He/she puts into practice the quadrennial plan of Olympic Solidarity for the period 2002.2004 in which the administration of 40 percent of the funds is granted dedicated to the development program to ACNO and the continental associations.

7. - the President of the Commission makes the decision of strengthening the structure at level of each Continent, enlarging with it the possibilities to exercise a bigger action on the programs and activities that are developed in the Continents.

8. - for the new stage that he/she understands the period 2005-2008 he/she strengthens and it consolidates the mission of International Olympic Solidarity, for what stays the structure of the Commission; this way how, their functions, competition areas, relationships of collaboration with the IOC and address areas.

9. - Since 2005-2008, the Commission of Olympic Solidarity intends: To perfect the application of the World and Continental Programs, looking for the biggest efficiency; To enlarge the process of decentralization toward the Continental Associations and to strengthen the mechanisms of control of the use of the financial resources assigned to each activity, applying the audit measures and verification that it considers reasonable.


1. - the main mission of Olympic Solidarity is to plan and to organize and to control the execution from the Programs of Help to the CON´s, especially to the neediest, just as it establishes it the Olympic Letter.

2. - the Commission is responsible for directing the activity of Olympic Solidarity through: Approval of Programs; Approval of Budgets; Administration of Programs and their logistical necessities; Registration activity and control and anyone another action related with the objectives and ends for those which it has been created.

3. - the Commission of Olympic Solidarity has a narrow work relationship and he/she informs from its administration to the Executive Commission and the President of the International Olympic Committee.

4. - the Address of Olympic Solidarity depends on the Commission and it is responsible for to execute and to control the agreements that this adopts or of completing the indications of the President of the Commission. It has autonomy in the financial aspects, technicians and office workers to develop their work with efficiency.

5. - the activity of Olympic Solidarity is completely financed by the funds belonging to the National Olympic Committees, coming from the revenues for concept of the rights of television of the Olympic Games.

6. - Olympic solidarity offers to the Committees Olympic National 210 world programs in four fundamental areas to the last four years.

A. - Athletes

You grant a scholarship for athletes.

I support for group sports.

Programs of preparation of the National Olympic Committees for regional and continental games.

It programs of the youth's development.

B. - Administration of National Olympic Committees (CON´s).

Infrastructure of the CON´s.

It programs for sport administrators.

Superior education for Sport administrators.

Administrative consultancy.

Regional forums.

C. - Trainers.

Technical courses.

You grant a scholarship for trainers.

I develop of a National structure of Trainers.

D. - special Areas.

Participation in Olympic Games.

Sport medicine.

Deport and environment.

The woman in the Sport.

International Olympic academy.

Deport for all.

Education and Culture.

Olympic legacy.

Olympic solidarity is consequent with its history, with its noble mission of supporting the CON´s, and with the big challenges that it outlines him the Olympic Movement.


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