1. - in the year of 1962, the Count of Beamont, with the purpose of offering help to the countries of Asia and África that newly had had their independence, believe the Committee of International Olympic Help. The initiative was approved by the Session of the International Olympic Committee. The idea, inspired by a noble purpose, made a deep moral sense. The total lack of economic resources prevented to make important taxes to the neediest CON´s. This Committee was transformed in 1968, for the Executive Commission of the IOC, in Commission of Olympic International Help.

2. - the Permanent Assembly of the CON´s, gathered in 1969y with the purpose of finding an effective form of contributing to the development of the CON´s, especially those that more they needed it, to proposal of the President Giulio Onesti, with the support of the gentlemen Raoul Molle and Raymond Gafner, created the International Institute of the Development of the CON´s. The necessity to apply a solidary concept in the relationships among the CON´s was the fundamental motive to inspire so important decision.

3. - in the year of 1971 the IOC and the representatives of the CON´s agree to unify to the Committee of Help and the International Institute of Development in a mixed organ, IOC-CON´s, denominated Committee then for the Olympic Solidarity.

4. - Giulio Onesti, in its character of Representative of the Permanent Assembly of the CON´s, and vice-president of the Mixed Committee, worked intensely for the coordination of the activities from Rome and the collaboration between the IOC and the CON´s. The technical director of the IOC, Mr. Henry Banks, assumes the responsablidad of Olympic Solidarity in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Between 1973 and 1978 the efforts continue to execute actions of help and collaboration with the neediest CON´s. The solidary feeling grew and it was developed like part of the essence of the Olympic Movement. It is very praiseworthy the intense developed work, their main characters deserve the biggest recognition to have taken the first steps; however, the lack of financial resources practically prevented him to be advanced in that intent.

It should be pointed out that were created more than 50 new Olympic Committees in the decade of 60s 70s, in countries with very few resources and that they needed help to develop the sport. This new reality determined the urgency of summing up important and permanent actions in favor of the CON´s.

The emergence of the Association of the National Olympic Committees as association that contains and it represents to all the National Olympic Committees of the World, with the force of the unit of their members and recapturing their antecedents bequeathed by the Assembly Permanent, how one of their main flags, the application of a true concept of Olympic Solidarity.

In their Constituent Assembly taken place in Puerto Rico in 1979, the creation of a work group was approved integrated by Peter Ritter (Liechtenstein), Raymund Gafner (Switzerland), Günter Heinz (German Democratic Republic) and Raoul Mollet (Belgium) in charge to elaborate the proposal to request the IOC the delivery to ACNO of 20 percent of the television rights, corresponding to the CON´s to assure its operation and administrative activity.

The President, Mario Vázquez Raña, presented the document with the position from ACNO to the President of the IOC, Lord Killanin.

The election in 1980 of Juan Antonio Samaranch, as President of the International Olympic Committee meant a radical change in how much to the concept, focus and projections of the Committee for the Olympic Solidarity. Their clear vision, their sensibility and the interest of looking for solution to the necessities of the CON´s, IOCncided fully for the posture maintained by ACNO.

8. - in meeting of work of ACNO taken place in september of 1981 in Baden-Baden, Germany, for personal initiative of the President of ACNO an important contribution is obtained and the first grant of the IOC is received for the operation of ACNO.

9. - in 1981, in the mark of the Olympic Congress of Baden-Baden, the President of the International Olympic Committee, Juan Antonio Samaranch and the President of ACNO, Mario Vázquez Raña, believe the Commission of International Olympic Solidarity with a projection upgraded in function of satisfying the it interests and necessities of the CON´s, beginning, starting from then, the stage that could be identified as of foundation and development of Olympic Solidarity.



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