The PASO has among its objectives to channel the help toward the National Olympic Committees of the American Continent, especially to those that but they need it. This help is granted through the World and Continental Programs approved by the Commission of Olympic Solidarity that presides over from the year 2001, Mario Vázquez Raña, President of PASO.

The PASO with its own efforts and resources has offered specific programs for the continental sport development. In America the concept Solidarity the work of the organization resides in a permanent way.

The emergence and development of a true concept of Olympic Solidarity has been a process that, in constant improvement, it has become in the fundamental base in the work of the National Olympic Committees and, consequently, it is a factor that has contributed significantly to the guarantee for its operation and to the enjoyment of a bigger independence and autonomy.

PASO considers very important, for the current work and future of the organization, to maintain alive and up-to-date the historical memory on the origin and development of the Olympic Solidarity to consider it of great transcendency to face the big challenges that he/she has before yes the Olympic Movement.

To know and to understand how Olympic Solidarity it arose?, What obstacles did he/she have to conquer?, how has it been developed from the initial ideas, with total shortage of resources, until the very diverse options and economic benefits that he/she offers today?, does it constitute a requirement to be able to exercise to fullness the directing function in a National Olympic Committee.

PASO has been main character and it has participated actively in the decisions that he/she has taken the International Olympic Committee, in the last century room, to reach the big objectives that, in each stage, he/she has intended the Olympic Movement. Without a doubt, one of those decisions that transcend and they mark an important landmark in our movement it constitutes it the organization of Olympic Solidarity.

A new stage begins, qualitatively superior, in the work of Olympic Solidarity, giving continuity to its sacred mission of satisfying, with the resources and available means the interests and basic necessities of the CON´s.

The arduous and meritorious work developed with outstanding leaders of the Olympic Movement, especially of PASO and of the CON´s, he/she will never be able to be forgotten, on the contrary, it will constitute forced reference so that starting from it you fights for the historical continuity of the carried out work; to perfect it and to make irreversible the deep humanist concept on which is sustained.


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