To talk about Nicole Hoevertz is to talk about preparation, experience and dedication and therefore, it is impossible to overlook her love for her work, determination, optimism and frankness. She is a woman with an enterprising spirit that has been devoted for 25 years to public service and the recognition of the island of Aruba.

Being assertive has opened the doors of offices where recognition seemed to be given only to men. She was the first woman appointed as Deputy Secretary of the Ministers Council and also the first woman elected to be part of the Executive Committee of the Pan American Sports Organization (PASO) in 1998. 

She is a lawyer and even though she specialized on international law at the University of Leiden (Netherlands), she has always known how to establish her own priorities, like incorporating sport to her daily work routine. Nicole stood out as a synchronized swimming athlete in 1984; she worked as a volunteer coach and after 23 years, she became member of the Aruba Swimming Federation. 

The fact that since a very young age she focused on working for international organizations, led her to become member of the International Olympic Committee, one of the major achievements for an Olympic athlete. “I have always been active as a volunteer in the sport system. I firmly believe in the power of sport and the possibility of using it as a vehicle to create a better world, through which we may develop better communities”. 

Nicole still recalls that three decades ago she promised herself to devote her life to sport and today, she remains faithful to her promise. “I feel a lot of pride representing my country in any sport event and at the same time, know that as a woman my word counts in decision taking processes of the organization in charge of supervising and managing all aspects regarding these Games”. 

One of her greatest pleasures in life is the time she shares with her group of friends, all of them former swimmers, with whom she shares an almost 40 years long friendship.

Nicole has success tattooed on her skin and even though her work days end past 10 at night, she is certain she is at the right place and that part of her happiness is being able to continue serving her nation, to which she corresponds for all the love and opportunities it has provided her with. (


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