The Venezuelan Olympic Committee and the Sports Ministry evaluated as “successful and satisfactory” the performance of the Venezuelan delegation in the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. 

Even though Venezuela won a silver medal thanks to the performance of Yulimar Rojas in triple jump, in addition to the bronze medals won by boxer Yoel Finol and Stefany Hernández in BMX, the sport authorities recognize there is a lot left to do. 

"Rio 2016 was mission accomplished. We are proud of our performance as a country, but we are not going to settle with that, due to the fact that we want and strive to improve results”, the sports minister, Melvin Maldonado, underlined. 

For the main authority in charge of sport’s budget in the country, for the cycle that is beginning towards the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, it would be ideal to identify the athletes’ mistakes and strengths, so the necessary aspects may be corrected and they may continue developing. 

"We want to consolidate the country as a sports power and we have the political, juridical and constitutional will to do so. We count with 87 athletes that are among the best in the world. We have a very young generation and that gives us a positive balance towards the upcoming challenges we will face. We will be better in the future”, reiterated Maldonado. 

In the month of October, the Venezuelan NOC and Mindeporte have foreseen to begin working on the organizational and planning of the Tokyo 2020 cycle, for which they hope to be able to have around 150 athletes qualified. 

Clear accounts

During the ceremony to present the Olympic diplomas, attended by Betsabeth Arguello (wrestling), César Marcano (cycling), Stefany Hernández (BMX), among others, the president of the Venezuelan Olympic Committee made use of the occasion to inform some figures invested in sport throughout the Olympic cycle. 

"This organization supported the Sports Ministry with 500 thousand dollars to assist in the participation of our athletes during the Olympic cycle”, highlighted Álvarez.

According to Álvarez’s remarks, the organization he chairs has invested 690.212,10 dollars in Olympic Solidarity Programs, in addition to 250 thousand dollars on 34 coaches that attended preparation courses abroad, 112.892,76 dollars in subsidies for the Olympic Games and 804.440 in various projects undertaken by the Olympic Committee. 

In addition, the Olympic Committee’s head informed that in the next few days, the 20 federations of sports that are not in the Olympic program will be affiliated to the NOC. ( SAMIR J. JIMÉNEZ P.)


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