The president of the Organizing Committee of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, Carlos Nuzman, asserted today that the best place in the world at this moment is Rio de Janeiro, now that the Olympic dream has come true. 

Carlos Nuzman is also second vice president of the Pan American Sports Organization and president of the Olympic Committee of Brazil.


"The Olympic dream is now a reality; the best place in the world is here and now; Rio, Brazil, welcome the world with open arms”, Nuzman said in his speech at Maracaná Stadium, during the Games’ opening ceremony. 

Nuzman was excited to address all countries worldwide and recognized the athletes, volunteers, audiences and the young people that will make history in this sport meet. 

"I am the proudest man alive, proud of my city, my country; proud of having been an Olympic volleyball athlete at the Tokyo 1964 Games and proud of being here, addressing the best athletes of the world”, he pointed out. 

The president of the Olympic Committee of Brazil made a calling to celebrate the occasion together, in the same way they worked as a team to organize the Games of the XXXI Olympiad. 

"These are your Games, the first ones in South America that will open the Olympic experience to a new region of the world; we work towards the future inspired by the athletes”, he added. 

The head of Brazilian sport said that a new world will be born, when referring to the result of the works carried out to host the Olympic Games successfully. 

"From giant Brazil we learned to love and we have worked with passion for sport, overcoming obstacles throughout a seven year journey”, he said. 

According to Nuzman, Rio de Janeiro will be proud of being the Olympic capital of the world, honored to welcome its guests. 

"We only were able to finalize this work with the support of our people, the three levels of government, federal, state and city and our friends. I would like to say thank you once again to all the volunteers, who honored us with their hard work and effort”, he concluded. (EFE) 


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