The President of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto, presented the flag today at the Official Residence of Los Pinos to the Mexican delegation that will attend the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games and expressed his confidence that they will put the name of Mexico at a very high level. 


"You will be projecting to the world what is going on here, in Mexico; the transformation Mexico is promoting, not only by the Government’s effort, but due to the fact that we, as a society, want to be better, we want to have a better Nation”, he said.

He explained that “we are striving to transform Mexico, to have a country that offers further opportunities to everyone and above all, a country that secures quality of life and welfare to Mexican families. You will project just that, a big part of the transformation process Mexico is going through”. 

He ratified the transformation “is not only part of an initiative undertaken by the Government, but by society itself, which is determined to overcome conditions and get to have, I repeat, a country that provides its people further improved conditions”. 

He underlined that the Olympic and Paralympic Games, to be held in August in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, are, undoubtedly, the most expected competitions for all sport delegations every four years, due to the fact that they represent a great opportunity and a personal test for each of them, “a challenge to show the world your capacity and great potential”. 

He pointed out Mexico will be following up closely the sport competitions and expressed his confidence that each athlete will do its best. “All the preparation you went through for months, years, to represent your country at these competitions will give you, undoubtedly, great motivation, pride and honor”, he asserted. 

He indicated as well that “there will certainly be many Mexicans that will experience this sport meet; family members will be joining many of you”. 

In addition, he informed that “representatives of sport authorities will be there to join you and support you with anything you may need during your competition”. Therefore, he added, “you will not be alone”. 

He wished the athletes further success to achieve their goals “so that when you return, we may proudly state: Yes, we did it”.

The President considered the athletes “already have the drive, the courage and strength to show they are the best in each of the disciplines they will be participating in”. 

President Enrique Peña Nieto asserted that Mexico is a great country and this will be demonstrated in Rio 2016. 

The sport delegation’s members that will represent the country have to “convey a message of peace, harmony and solidarity to all people represented in Rio 2016”. 

He congratulated the athletes for achieving qualification and highlighted that “this delegation of 194 athletes are the ones that have prepared better, who are further trained and fit to represent Mexico. You are worthy representatives of our country in these sport competitions”. 

Therefore, he thanked them, due to the fact that they will represent the Nation. 

He expressed that as President of the Republic, the ceremony was particularly significant, considering the fact that it was the first and only occasion in which he had the opportunity to present the flag to an Olympic and Paralympic Games’ delegation. 

"Without a doubt, this is something very special for me. It represents a historic event I will always remember, due to the fact that I am in front of young athletes that have arrived to this moment, to represent Mexico after devoting effort and many training sessions to their preparation at the Olympic and Paralympic Games”, he asserted. 

After his speech, President Enrique Peña Nieto presented the flag to Daniela Campuzano Chávez Peón, of mountain bike and Nelly Edith Miranda Herrera, swimmer, who will be the flag bearers in the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Rio, respectively. Afterwards, an official photograph was taken with each delegation. 


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