May 2016

Miami, U. S. A.

On May 24, 2016, the First PASO Athlete Forum was opened at the city of Miami, U. S. A.

The President of the PASO Athletes Commission, Alexandra Orlando welcomed the participants to this First Forum, in which they will count with the participation of experienced international speakers who will share their knowledge on various themes, with the main objective of informing the athletes on the work carried out by Athlete Commissions and the ways they participate in the Olympic Movement, as the athletes’ voice. 

The President of the Pan American Sports Organization, Julio C. Maglione, highlighted PASO’s and its member National Olympic Committees’ commitment to support the continent’s athletes; listen to them and know their needs. He urged the participants to get involved and inform themselves on the work that is being carried out by the Olympic Movement to protect the athletes and support them so they may attain their goals, following the recommendations of the IOC Agenda 2020. 

Next, Claudia Bokel, President of the Athlete Commission of the International Olympic Committee; Barbara Kendall, President of the Athlete Commission of the Association of National Olympic Committee and Angela Ruggiero, Vice President  of the IOC Athlete Commission and member of the United States Olympic Committee’s Executive Board, took the floor to invite the participants to get involved in the discussions and share their experiences. 

The first day’s session began with fun ice breaking activities, in which the athletes participated dynamically. 

Next, Barbara Kendall made a presentation on Athlete Commissions in the Olympic Movement, their composition, objectives and scope. Alexandra Orlando informed on what is PASO, its objectives and the way its Athlete Commission is elected, being the only Continental Association that carries out said elections during its Continental Games, following the guidelines of the International Olympic Committee. She indicated that in this Forum, the basis to put together the PASO Athlete Commission’s strategic plan for the years to come will be determined.  

Alianne Pompey, recently elected member of the PASO Athlete Commission in the “Toronto 2015” Pan American Games, moderated a session in which the participants, divided in groups, determined the top three best practices to integrate an efficient Athlete Commission and the three major challenges to be successful.   

Later on, Claudia Bokel and Angela Ruggiero, as well as Jean-Michel Saive and Amadou Dia Ba, members of the ANOC Athlete Commission, expressed their views on current themes that affect the athletes. 

To conclude the day’s work, Angela Ruggiero gave a motivational speech on leadership, during which she actively involved the athletes present at the Forum. 


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